About Badreig

From the emerging first light of the commercial and industrial revolution sun, Badreig’s name was established in the year of 1936 at the city of Jeddah. Through the next 40 years, In the field of industry ,Mr. Ahmed Suliman Badreig who became the owner of Bad reig Group has established three factories.

Factory Of Melamine, Factory of plastic and the Factory for gliding cups. These factories founded as a support for the national industry, The feature of these factories that to import all the raw materials of high level of quality and purity from abroad. Badreig’s business was expanded to become one of the most important companies in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia in the field of house ware and electrical home appliances with branches covering the Kingdom from East to West and from North to South. The advantage of Badreig Trading Co., superiontj care in the selection of their products where it is high quality and healthy for the use of 100% and there is no damage including, As so Badreig had been contracted with the finest and best European and American companies as an agent in Saudi Arabia. Today Badreig is one of leading foundation of high quality house ware and home appliances market, by delivering: - Extra- ordinary high quality products and services for professional users In the Kingdom. - Outstanding design products that suits and please the taste and standards of the hotels and restaurants as well as the home appliances of our customers in Saudi Arabia, Badreig’s name always strives for Perfection, Excellence and Values in health care through it’s products. It represents you a precise choice that declare to belong to a group or a life style.